Solo Piano

Barrel of Keys
original stride piano piece
Betcha I Getcha
by Joe Venuti, attributed to Bix Beiderbecke, transcribed by Dick Hyman
The Bobby Hackett Waltz
A tribute to the great cornetist
Carousel Memories
from Woody Allen's 1985 film, The Purple Rose of Cairo
Dick Hyman's Century of Jazz Piano Transcribed! (2009)
Following the boxed set of discs (5 audio CD’s and a DVD), which Arbors Records has issued of “Dick Hyman’s Century of
Jazz Piano,” Hal Leonard Music has just released a book based on the DVD from that set. This book contains complete
transcriptions of Dick’s performances of historical pieces, as well as his running commentary. Everything played or spoken on the DVD is written down in 156 pages, and the DVD itself is included along with the book! This is a bargain at $32.99.
Down Home Melody
original piano version, also available for concert band
Etudes for Jazz Piano
15 pieces in the styles of the great jazz pianists (includes CD)
Evening Thoughts
originally for Moog Synthesizer, arranged for piano
Improvisations on Scott Joplin
Indiana Variations
12 concert variations on "Back Home Again in Indiana" (includes CD)
Sample MP3 files
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
traditional melody, originally arranged for Keyboard Magazine
later adapted for string quartet
The Minotaur
originally for Moog Synthesizer, arranged for piano
also available for violin and piano
The Old Professor
original rag
Rainy Day Romance
from the 1990 film, The Lemon Sisters
The Steinway Collection:
Jazz Piano Pieces To Grow On
compositions by Dick Hyman: Stride Piano Playing On Waikiki
Wiggle Room
Wise Sister
additional pieces by other composers
Stretching the Standards
Songs by Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern and Richard Rodgers
Theme From Alan and Naomi
from the 1991 film
Theme from The Purple Rose of Cairo
from Woody Allen’s 1985 film,
Thinking About Bix
as played by Dick Hyman on the Prairie Home Companion (NPR) 2010
Two Little Stride Arrangements
1. Swanee River    Stephen Foster
2. Deck The Halls    Traditional
in the manner of James P. Johnson, Fats Waller, Donald Lambert, and Willie The Lion Smith
Two Rags as played by Knuckles O’Toole
1. Ragtime Revelations
2. Ragtime Razzmatazz
composed by Dick Hyman, aka Knuckles O’Toole


music by Dick Hyman, words by Lorraine Feather
Get Regular With Re-lax
music and words by Dick Hyman
from Woody Allen’s 1987 film Radio Days
in lead sheet form only
Let’s Hear It For The Pi-ano Player
composed by Dick Hyman, words by Mort Goode
Pretty Polly (a baroque bossa nova)
composed by Dick Hyman, words by Goldie Kossow
Sabrina (Queen of Marina del Rey)
composed by Dick Hyman, words by O’Brien Elliott
music by Dick Hyman, words by Lorraine Feather
based on “Barrel of Keys”, piano solo
Songs From An Almanac of Words At Play
Composed by Dick Hyman, words by Willard R. Espy
1. A Mouse of My Acquaintance
2. Assist Me To Pursue You, Kate (A Cyst Me Two)
3. Bad Bab
4. Behold Now Behemoth
5. Cliché, Cliché
6. Concerning Oysterville and Oysters
1. In Oysterville
2. A Man Beyond Sea-Duction (I Do Not Royster With An Oyster)
7. Counting Song
8. Did You Happen To Know Miss Erogenous Jones?
9. Elegy For My Late Friend and Tailor, Canio Saluzzi
10. Forever I Mourn
11. I Scarce Recall
Also arranged for choir
12. It Stands To? Reason!
Also arranged for choir
13. The Missus Kissed Her Mister (The Mrs. Kr. Mr.)
14. My Chinese Miss
15. On the Rising Incidence of Jogging
Also arranged for choir
16. Two Songs Dealing With Age
1. Aris, Old Tot
2. Figs And Fig Leaves
17. We Men of Sagittarius
Also arranged for choir
18. Wee-Onks Are Expected Soon
Songs From The Plays of Shakespeare
Composed by Dick Hyman to the original Shakespearean lyrics
  1. Blow Blow, Thou Winter Wind
  2. Come Away, Come Away, Death
  3. It Was A Lover And His Lass
  4. Lawn As White As Driven Snow
  5. O Mistress Mine
  6. Sigh No More, Ladies
  7. When Daisies Pied And Violets Blue [Spring]
  8. Take, O Take Those Lips Away
  9. Under The Greenwood Tree
  10. When Daffodils Begin To Peer
  11. When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy
  12. Who Is Silvia?
  13. Will You Buy Any Tape?
  14. When Icicles Hang By The Wall [Winter]
Zelig Five Songs
(Words, music and chords) from Woody Allen’s film Zelig
In lead sheet form:
  1. Doin’ The Chameleon
  2. Chameleon Days
  3. Leonard The Lizard
  4. You Have Such Reptile Eyes
  5. You May Be Six People (But I Love You)


Counterpoint For Six Valves aka Double Trumpet Doings
7 duets, also playable as piano solos
Duets In Odd Meters and Far-out Rhythms
16 duets, also playable as piano solos


Howard Alden’s Sweet and Lowdown
Guitar solos by Howard Alden from the film Sweet and Lowdown
Includes three original compositions by Dick Hyman
  1. Unfaithful Woman
  2. “E” Is For Emmett
  3. 3:00 AM Blues


Scott Joplin Ragtime Classics for Organ
Arrangements by Dick Hyman
  1. Gladiolus Rag
  2. Pleasant Moments
  3. Scott Joplin’s New Rag
  4. Stoptime Rag
  5. The Entertainer
Millennial Countdown
A piece for organ in 3 movements (18:27 minutes) by Dick Hyman.
This publication is as recorded by Ben Saunders in his new album,
Gracious Groove, the organ music of Dick Hyman on Pro Organo records.

Lead Sheets

Baby Boom
original jazz waltz
original ballad as recorded with Ken Peplowski, 2009 in E Pluribus Duo


Five Propositions for Piano
  1. Little Girls at Play
  2. Little Boys at Play
  3. Isn't It Odd?
  4. Marriage in Two Keys
  5. Aria
Grand Waltz (Baby Boom)
Concert elaboration of "Baby Boom"
Piano Man
20-minute ballet score based on Etudes for Jazz Piano, performed by Cleveland Ballet, Silicone Valley Ballet
arrangement of folk song as played on Dick Hyman's "In Recital"
Three Raps for Piano
contemporary hip-hop concert instrumental for piano


CD's of live performances available upon request
At The Jewish Museum
for clarinet and piano
for clarinet and piano (also see below)
for clarinet, piano and string quartet
Dances and Diversions for string quartet
in three movements:
   I. Charleston
  II. Tango
 III. Samba
Danzas Tropicales for piano, clarinet, flute, viola, drums, string bass
in two movements
also available for two pianos
Fantasy on Londonderry Air for string quartet
Original piano arrangement also available
for violin and piano
as recorded by Dick Hyman and Yuval Waldman on Angel Records
also available as piano solo
Novelties for piano and saxophone quartet
in four movements
as performed 2010 by Charles Girard's Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet
Quintet for piano and strings
in three movements
Sextet for clarinets
for Eb clarinet, 2 Bb clarinets, 2 Bb bass clarinets (or Eb alto clarinet & Bb bass clarinet),
contrabass clarinet in Eb or Bb
In three movements
Sextet for clarinet, piano and strings
in four movements
Sextet for piano and strings (Rockin')
in four movements
Sonata for violin and piano
in three movements

Orchestral Music

Rental prices and instrumentation available on inquiry. CD's of live performances available upon request.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (a ballet choreographed by Toni Pimble)
for trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, strings. DVD available.
The Autobiography of Mark Twain (Chapter 1)
for chorus and orchestra.
Concerto for piano and orchestra (Concerto Electro)
in three movements
as performed by Dick Hyman.
Friendly Conversation
for jazz band and symphonic orchestra.
From Cumbres To Chama By Steam
for jazz combo, orchestra and pre-recorded tape.
The Longest Blues In The World
an hour-long production for big band, vocalist, and two pianos.
The Piper Patriot of '76
for piccolo soloist and orchestra, also arranged for piccolo soloist and concert band,
based on Revolutionary War Themes.
Ragtime Fantasy for piano and orchestra
as performed by Dick Hyman.


Dick Hyman: Piano Pro
A Browser's Miscellany On Music And Musicians
NOTE: This book is a collection of articles and printed music based on columns Dick Hyman wrote in the 1980s for the magazine Keyboard Classics. The magazine, now out of print altogether, became known as Piano Today.
It's Time For Some Piano Changes
by Dick Hyman and Clem DeRosa
basic theory, practical harmony, the pianist's role in the rhythm section, interpreting the written part.

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PianoDisc Blues & Boogie Woogie
Disklavier Songs of Rodgers & Hammerstein
Blue Skies
Rainy Day Romance
These items may be ordered directly from PianoDisc or Disklavier.

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